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    Max Burkhart

    I am a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters student focused on helping people gain insight into the complex issues they experience throughout their lives. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from The University of Colorado Boulder.  I am passionate about working with adolescents, young adults, and their families. I have worked with a diverse population and understand that my lived experience may not be relatable to everyone, but I use a person-centered approach to counseling and strive to build trust and emotional connection in my relationships. Everyone’s daily experience is different and finding harmony among the chaos sometimes can seem like an impossible challenge. I love to help parents, children, and families navigate this challenge and work to find balance that makes sense for their situation. 

    My strengths are working with anxiety, crisis and trauma, depression, and addiction. Each of these has played a role in my life, whether personally or through a loved one. Thanks to my own personal experiences in counseling, I understand how scary it can be to dive in. I understand how important it is to find someone that listens without judgment and inserts empathy into the conversation. I take a trauma-informed, culturally sensitive approach to counseling and I like to focus on a person’s strengths to develop skills and tools that will work for a person’s unique experience. While utilizing a holistic, person-centered approach, I like to use cognitive-behavioral techniques to help shift harmful thought patterns that are impacting lives. Additionally, I like to use an existential approach for clients struggling to find meaning in their life or moving forward with grief and loss. Ultimately, I strive to help people reach their full potential, whatever that may look like!