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  • Jasmine Singh

    Jasmine Singh is a skilled healthcare professional with extensive experience in cancer research and healthcare administration. She has a diverse set of skills and knowledge in both the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare.

    Jasmine started her career in cancer research, at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, where she gained expertise in experimental techniques, data analysis, and developing new therapies. Her research focused on understanding the mechanisms of cancer cell signaling pathways and identifying potential targets for therapeutic intervention. She also worked with other researchers and medical professionals to conduct clinical trials and translate research findings into clinical practice.

    After several years in cancer research, Jasmine transitioned to healthcare administration, where she developed her leadership and management skills. As a healthcare administrator, she managed multiple healthcare facilities, oversaw budgets, and created policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Jasmine’s ability to balance the clinical and administrative aspects of healthcare has been a valuable asset in her career.

    Jasmine is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of healthcare. Her expertise in cancer research and healthcare administration has provided her with a unique perspective and skill set that she brings to her work every day. She is a collaborative team player who is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise with colleagues, and she is a respected member of the University of Colorado Anschutz research community.