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  • Krystal Mitchel

    I am a clinical and school counseling graduate student with a strong passion for youth, adolescents, and young adults. As a school counselor at the middle school level, I have found the intricacies of navigating this complex time in the lives of youth both rewarding and inspiring. I have discovered I have a natural ability for connecting with youth and adolescents of all ages and take great pride in developing a strong and trusting relationship, in which positive change and growth can occur. As a mother of three myself, I understand the difficulties of juggling life, career, and kids. With this in mind I enjoy helping parents, youth, and families find a balance that works best for them.

    My strengths include crisis and trauma, anxiety, and addiction; all of which have affected my own life on a personal level. I like to focus on a client’s strengths in developing coping strategies that work best for each unique individual. As every individual comes to counseling with their own unique background and concerns, I like to focus on client-centered therapy and developing a strong, trusting, and supportive environment, in which clients can discover solutions that work best for their individual lives. Additionally, I like to use cognitive-behavioral techniques to aid clients in overcoming and changing thought distortions and processes that may be disruptive to living their most fulfilling lives.