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    Jaden Brown, Mental Health Intern

    I am a clinical mental health counseling graduate student who strongly values diversity. I work as a Community Resource Navigator who largely focuses to help people experiencing homelessness, substance use challenges, and mental health illnesses. Working with this population has fueled my belief that all people, regardless of identity, background, or financial status should have access to mental health resources.From a personal perspective, I know how counseling can be intimidating and how hard it is to find a counselor who looks like you or that you feel can understand your unique perspective. I also understand the negative stigmas that may be present towards mental health services in diverse cultures. I work to break down these stigmas by having an understanding of generational trauma and being culturally aware. My focus is trauma, anxiety, depression, and addictions through a strength-based, culturally sensitive lense. My biggest goal is to be the change I wish to see by providing culturally competent services to youth of diverse populations.